6 best Steps To Manage Online Reputation


Online Reputation  Management is important, especially during these times when anything and everything can be said about you and then it all gets publicized online reputation.

The Internet has a long memory span and even age-old issues can be quickly looked up in search engines.

With the social media boom, it’s also very easy for anyone to post a blog, make a website, and create a video about you and make it go viral.

Some pages and posts have been created with the sole objective to trash someone’s online reputation or eliminate the competition. 

Sadly, some of the allegations are without merit and have given rise to cyber-bullying and a lot of emotional and financial damage.

That said, you have to take charge of your online reputation before someone else does.

Even before things get ugly, you can do something to build your credibility and trust rating as a brand. 

There are ways by which you can ethically and proactively work on your online reputation.

6 Ways to help guard your online reputation

1. Check your online reputation regularly-

Check your online reputation regularly image

Google yourself and your company name at the very least once per month. Setup Google alerts to inform you if there are any mentions of your names or brand. Easy, free and necessary.

2. Put all your content in one place -

There are a number of sites that let you do this now, including Tumblr, WordPress, and About.me.

You can also “apply” your domain name to these sites, which means that anyone who goes to abc.com will be routed to your Tumblr page or your WordPress page. 

That’s convenient because Tumblr and WordPress offer nicely designed templates where you can set up what looks like a professionally designed website without having to hire a designer.

3.  Make the Most of Negative Feedback-

Make the Most of Negative Feedback of online reputation image

A lot of us fear criticism, but negative feedback can offer great opportunities. A CNN Money report showed that negative reviews inspire trust and can actually be beneficial for sales.

When what you are selling is yourself it’s natural to be especially sensitive to criticism, but don’t hide from it. Find out what people are saying about you (an alerts service such as those offered by Google and Yahoo! can help).

Then seize the chance to respond. Prove that you are responsive, open-minded, and willing to entertain other points of view. If you’ve made a mistake, owning up and apologizing can do a lot to mend your damaged online reputation.

4. Join social networks-

join social network of online reputation

Even if you don’t feel like you have time to be active on these sites, do join them and take the time to fully fill out the profiles. 

As most of us know, the major sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


Though you don’t hear a lot of people chattering about Google+ these days, author Stradtman predicts the site will gain in power over the coming years in part because it is a Google product so Google will favor content from there in searches. 

If you can make the time, also join Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and possibly others. You don’t have to be active but don’t be completely dormant either.


Add new content at least once a month. That can be as simple as attaching an article and writing a short comment about why it interests you.

5.  Get Good Content Out There-

Get Good Content Out There of online reputation

Don’t risk being judged on your Facebook status or some goofy avatar.

A blog or Website can be valuable in promoting your skills. In fact, managing a quality blog demonstrates not only that you are a good communicator and can find your way around Web technologies, but also

6. Take Your Place on a Global Stage- 

6 best Steps To Manage Online Reputation

If working internationally appeals to you, make your content accessible. Accomplish this task by creating your profile or resume in foreign languages.

Professional input into this transformation is always a good idea to keep the quality high, but be sure to come clean with potential employers about your own linguistic abilities.

You can also make valuable contacts in other countries if you are willing to meet them on their own turf.

Find out which countries are key players in your industry or network, and then join up for popular sites in those countries. 

Look out too for professional networks and discussion forums in which you can make valuable contributions. Impress the right people there — and you could find your way to a new career.

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